WE Must Due

Monday May 4, 2020. We are letting loose of the virus. It seems like time and it seems too early. For me it is too early. For all of us older seniors, too fat and ugly to run fast enough to stay ahead. And smart enough to realize that there is something hurting our nation more than the virus.

I thought it was apathy. People not caring about what happens. But I don’t that’s on the money either. Why do I feel there is not right? Is it because I personally don’t like what is happening? But I don’t dislike what is happening either?

Then IT hit me! I can’t do anything. Wait, I can’t do anything about IT. Oh I can do, just not do anything about IT. I feel used. Yes that is IT, I feel used! Everyone is using me. The should not be using me. And then I remembered a book I started about a witch hunt and I remembered feeling that I was the person using others. Who were they? OH! women, and men in power were using, taking advantage of, women! And Yep I was indeed a man. Can’t do anything about that either (although some men have tried. BUT another topic). I read it again. “and men in power were using, taking advantage of, women!” If there is anything that I do not have it is power! That was close.

In all the gin joints, in all the places, in all the World, . . . Wait Walter. Don’t go off on a Dream. We will use the same tool we as a country has used for years. Give THEM the Rights they are lacking. It is what we sent to war for. The right not to be English. Right? Right! Right. There was a concept that came before, FREEDOM. Now some try to say that that is the same thing. If you have rights you are FREE. and if you are FREE you have rights. Almost and true are the response to that. Can you see it? The war was for FREEDOM from England not . . . The thing that was added was RIGHTS. and the founding fathers figured that was good because they were good men and good men expect other men to be good. Notice I say men because back in those times men did and women . . .

Our founding father need us to replace what was assumed at the time our nation was conceived. The thing that they took, and took for granted, in founding our nation. They took responsibility by signing their names (and credit only because they did not fail).

In the above discussion we expect responsibility to be taken. And when IT is not IT becomes the IT that actually bothers us. Our entire court system, judicial system, corporate system, is in place to Make This Happen. (Well maybe not the corporate system that is in place now because it actually lets executives hide behind the corporate mask.) IT forces the few people convicted to take responsibility for IT. I asked a young girl what she did wrong in school. She said “get caught”. We teach them young. I told her no and explained but life teaches the opposite lesson. If the powerful men in the little story were forced to accept responsibility for taking advantage of women balance would be restored. If the people that first created a computer were forced to accept responsibility for taking advantage of our computer, balance would be restored. If every person using a Right were forced to accept responsibility for All The Actions caused by them balance would be restored. If FREEDOM were forced to balance rights with responsibility for actions caused I would feel better. IT is due!