The Box

Think outside the box. But Remember, When all is over, All goes b a c k in the box.

I started this post in September 2022. Thinking about a sermon. The topic was concerning Life as all sermon’s basic topic seems to be. I think this was really about afterlife. Now it is February 2023. I have been told that last 10 years could have been different.

Don’t see the wrong point here. Every path I have taken had another path just as possible. At each divide in the path I make the choice as good as possible based on what I know at the time. Some have been less than perfect looking back. One was very bad but was the result of many seemingly small paths choices. Tragic, complex.

The change that I see now puts a different goal on the sermon. I do not see it as ‘A Death Thing’. I see that I can conclude that at times in our life we need to say that the conditions in life change to a point that ‘When all is over‘ is now! It is at this time that ‘All goes b a c k in the box‘. And, as an added joy, I can put the lid on the box too.