Due or past due

Due and past due

Is it possible that something is both?

What is due and what is past due

It is March 2 2022.
This Bill was post on Feb 28.
The previous Bill was posted on Feb 24.
The Due Date on both Bills is March 12.
How does an obligation that is due in 2 weeks change to past due without passing the DUE Date?

I is hard to see next to the selected amount Due is $64.99, to the right it says This includes a past due amount of $64.99.
That means ?=?= The amount due in 10 days is past due before the Due Date?

I am confused. This makes no sense! WAIT. I am not confused. This makes no sense! It is either a mistake or it was done on purpose. I started many years ago as a ‘seeker of truth’. Now I seek reality because truth does not matter. In this case on March 12, truth becomes reality! Or is it reality becomes truth! again in this case it will not matter. On March 11, the Bill will be paid! And reality will change as it does every minute of every Day. Truth and Reality will not matter as they become History. And no one pays attention to History.