We all know the saying:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot changecourage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

In this ‘new normal’ I currently beginning to think my wisdom is failing. I am seeing too many things that my serenity cannot accept and my courage cannot pay the bill for.I may be referring to the last post but I think much, much more.

I worry that the one thing that is not acceptable is I see most others accepting the unacceptable.

I see smart people, elected people, saying that the laws that punish people when they break the laws is sufficient. I see no one talking about laws that dictate how laws abiding people are required to act. What has happened.

I have missed entirely when the Bill of Rights starting including the Right to disobey reasonable laws to protect people. We concentrate on what is the punishment for breaking the law which requires that law breakers must be found guilty of breaking the law before anything results from any action.

The President, Our former President

Do what ever is necessary. Yell FIRE in crowded theater. Insight a riot. Change your political party until you find one that you can control and become leader. No one will notice! I am a Republican who is been a member of every other party until he found this one that allowed him to take control. No one noticed!

Three Policemen from somewhere

Doing what they had always done, calling it a riot situation, end in killing a person at the right time to be caught. As my great grand daughter conclude for herself when she did something wrong! ‘The thing I did wrong is get caught’. They have recently been convicted and now the government will pay to keep them alive (for the rest of their lives)?

Russian President Putin

There is apparently no law about being the aggressor. There is no law about hacking electronic systems. There is no law about sending someone a bill for something that is nothing. But you become the victim is you pay your debts without verifying the bill and you may even give away information and become a victim for life? Russia sees separatist-held regions of Ukraine as not having the right to separate. Or is a group saying that another group is not owning up to their Responsibility? Is it only the responsible people that are not allowed to use force?

There is a lot of that going around this year!