Blame Motorists?

The massive oil distribution network, which delivers nearly half of the fuel used on the Eastern seaboard, was targeted by Russian hackers Friday, May 7, 2021, helping contribute to an overall hike in prices at the pump.

Fuel resumed moving through the Colonial Pipeline late Wednesday afternoon, easing worries about fuel shortages five days after hackers strangled the massive oil pipeline through the South.

The hack left many stations out of gas, motorists panicked and sent prices soaring.

It is time for truth instead of HYPE. The prices for a gallon of Gasoline did not rise by itself. The stations raised prices because they could. The gas stations, owned by people like you, raised them! A few motorists panicked, some did not even know about the hack, the rest of us became mad because others clogged the pumps to buy higher priced gasoline!

AND THEY LAUGH AT US. If we know who did this why not stop them. I don’t mean stop them the next time! I mean this time. Is what they did illegal? Did they break any law? Can we “shoot back”? Are they smarter than we are? They know something we don’t! This paradigm must be changed?