Blame is the question and the answer!

assign responsibility for a fault or wrong.
“the inquiry blamed the engineer for the accident”

My entire life has been controlled by this single Idea and I never understood the reason that it is important to me and the world. In the definition above we see what it is. We need to understand why it is important.
I was awed when I realized the main word in the definition is ‘responsibility’.
I was amazed that the ┬ásecond most important word is ‘assign’.
I was not impressed with the remainder of the definition; why would human being be interested in responsibility for anything except bad things?

In previous posts we looked at responsibility. Why? I felt it was so they could think more deeply about what they were about to do! Now I think it was so I could feel justified to blame a person for what was done wrongly.

  1. We have been in a pandemic from a virus blamed on the Chinese.
  2. Racism toward Blacks is blamed on Whites.
  3. Asians are blamed for anything bad.
  4. And it goes on and on and on.

Blame has become an end in itself. But in many religions it should be the beginning. What is next?

In the lord’s pray — and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. — But we haven’t yet! And that is the question and the answer!