I call for a Responsibility Movement

NBC New Story SAYS
It is irresponsible to have people without water to wash!

‘It’s just despair’: Many Americans face coronavirus with no water to wash their hands. This is a quote from the online article by Erin Einhorn | NBC NEWS. “It should not have taken a pandemic to get them to realize that maybe no water in people’s houses is a public health issue,” one advocate said.
The city of Detroit shut off her water late last fall because of unpaid bills and a broken plumbing valve that she couldn’t afford to fix. Griffin, 55, was forced to rely on donated . . .”

Who is them and how did they force her?
I really feel bad that The Mean, Vindictive, People with the responsibility to do this to Her. She continues “Then the coronavirus hit. Governors and public health officials across the country ordered people to stay in their homes and — most importantly — (they ordered them) to wash their hands. But like millions of other people across the country who have their water shut off each year, Griffin can’t easily do that — and now she worries. . .”
As you can see, we have millions of other people who have no responsibility for their state of being. If the coronavirus had not hit, how did she and others plan to wash their hands?

I think that after over 60 years of having their Responsibilities taken from them it is time for a Responsibility Movement!

Return Responsibility to the People
Raise the Cry
Across the Nation

Rights to the People
Responsibility to the People
In the Family
In the Schools
In the Courts