Things are happening!  We see them and WE Don’t!  OMG, Is not a call for God’s help.  He hears – and knows – It really means OH MY GODS, ALL of them, All the gods of the world.  There are so many gods in our life especially after the pandemic, Which may not be past yet.  I find myself, as I think more are, being ‘in this world’ but feeling ‘not of this world’.  I am an observer.  The world – it is a’changing!

Police brutality is replaced with citizen power.  You don’t like a law, just ignore it this once.  No one important will see you.  

The big example, If you see that you will loose an election just call out that there is an attempt to STEEL the election. No one will believe that it is you trying to steel it.  That just could not be.

The speed limit too low?  Ignore it. The people you pass cannot stop you.  There are no police around to force a low speed.  If it were necessary to go slow for a reason, that reason would have brought police into the area to enforce it. Otherwise it is just a guide line.  And so forth.

WTF is not taking the Lord’s name in vain, so no commandment broken. Just an attempt of a small mind to express itself forcefully.  And a cry of amasement at experiencing something that just could/should not be happening.

IDK – A strange thing happened today.  I SAW a PERSON with a THING that was BROKEN. He was using it as though it were in good and working condition.  I stopped to help him FIX the THING because it was not so broken that it could not be fixed.  I was told that he had PURPOSEFULLY broken it.  He wanted to be JUSTIFIED ridding himself of the THING because he was tired of doing the work with it.

EOD – but more to come.