Y and Why

Don’t just change without knowing and understanding WHY it got this way!

Why in the World did anyone ever become Racist? A new born is not aware of itself therefore there is no OTHER to compare with so Race means nothing. It is selfish because that is all it knows. If you look and see the developmental progress there first becomes ‘other’ and then ‘other that is alive’, then ‘alive that helps me’, because I need. A little latter comes ‘Hurt’ and then ‘Fear’.

If you have forgotten this you can never understand ‘Racism’, ‘White Privilege’, ‘White Supremacy’, or any other flavor of ‘Supremacy’. The dictionary proposes that Supremacy is: 1. the state of being supreme. and 2. supreme authority or power. This centers on the first and the most important ‘Person’ in the definition. The first, the powerful, the best. A little thought would provide the idea that ‘the other’ is the real cause, or excuse, or need of any such word, idea, or concept. Without ‘the other’ there would be none of this. AND the emotion that is alive here is FEAR. Don’t get me wrong. It is not fear of an individual. It is not fear of a group. It is not even fear of ‘the other’ from our developmental time. It is fear of what ‘the other’ means or could mean or might mean or HAS meant and it is a ‘Concrete Background Memory’. Society does not usually retain this type of ‘thing’ as long as it has endured in America concerning ‘Black’ people. I feel, personally, that this is because the basic cause, or excuse, or need has never gone away.

To affect any of these you must effect a change in ‘the other’ memory that supports it. The memory that ‘I may not be safe from . . .’ has never been attacked and removed. OR even targeted. Locations that do not retain this memory or never developed this memory currently do not experience this Racism or a milder form, Prejudice. But be assured that this feeling against ‘the other’ is everywhere. Where this is a problem, the memory of the cause, or excuse, or need must be resolved to allow the ‘…ism’ to die a nature death.

As an example, in our local area there is a place called Rock Dale. When the region was settled this beautiful area was selected by a single group of German immigrants. As more immigrants came thru, the German speaking portion felt safe and comfortable. The Rock Dale expanded and grew a reputation.

There as also a beautiful area called Rocky Bottoms that was settled by Black immigrants from Southern Plantations when they were free to move north away from slavery that had lasted for several generations. The Rocky Bottoms expanded and grew a reputation.

The scenario played out in every town, city, area and settlement in every continent and country and in the US. It was and is not restricted because it is a natural spread of information. It only becomes a problem if natural change does not follow. Integration of diverse backgrounds does happen. The reputation becomes bad. And the reputation becomes attached to the people and not the place! Once this becomes attached to the people it spread with out limit and does not even require the place at all! When that people is a Race of People the effect is Racism. What started with a Rock Dale or a Rocky Bottoms is now everywhere.

Let’s not get confused or hung-up on details. The cause of the many instances of this Fear-Based condition comes in many shapes and forms and in many different degrees. It is the basis for Racism, Terrorism, Police-abuse, and even travel bands to areas of town or the World.

To pick one of these, such as Black Racism, and say it must be stopped without addressing the underlining causes (because there are usually many) is like pissing into the wind. It is difficult, messy, and not satisfying in the end. We need to correct the cause; replace the bad experiences with good ones; fix what caused the FEAR of the OTHER; remember that several good experiences do not negate many bad experiences. It must die not be killer.

I will continue this as soon as I figure it out! If ever!