New Normal

The new Normal is working itself out by taking the path-of-least-resistance. People are accepting what they no longer want to fight. As usual the best way is harder than the worst way. The acceptable is now finding a middle position and we are losing the chance to make things better!

Our current President is a Master Deal Maker and is not worried about how he looks to people who cannot hurt him as he completes the steps of the Deals he is making.

Officially he is positive for the Virus but no one can really be sure about a liar and his team of liars. It is what liars do that makes them liars. The team is not worried about keeping the lies straight. Contradictions are commonplace.

People in the population are seeing the opportunity to further their cause by making statements and claims only meant to incite and publicize and maybe gain a little ground in the process. Protesters would be startled if they were granted their demands because getting their demands is not the goal.

I had been pushing for everyone to take responsibility for their acts, good and bad, but the opportunity has past and reality is coming to light. Responsible People are at a disadvantage in the new normal. The new normal is ‘irresponsibility wins’. I feel I am the first to understand this. Self interest is now the goal of most active people in our nation. This has always been the case but it was not the main driving force in all interactions as it is in this New Normal of the 2020 year of opportunity.

Personal Freedom is dominant and requires no Responsibility!