Our Attitude

The Average Attitude has Changed

Do you remember in High School, we did some strange things with attitude. One instance we moved a teachers VW from the street parking 30 yd. to a place next to the building. There was no damage to the car and we even had to move it back after we told the teacher. The only reprisal “don’t tell anyone.”

Today in a parking lot, someone I do not know open their door wide enough to reach  my car next to it and dent and scrape the finished. If I thought it would change anything I would make it a project to surveil my car with the target of finding one of the careless people, driver or passenger, and confront them. What could happen from this?

My point of this is reprisals. It is the reason for ‘bad’ things that happen on purpose. There are careless people, fact. Some are careless on purpose. This is part of the cascade that is hurting our World. It has to stop. God stopped it with a flood. That did not work. The Gift of Knowledge has turned into the Curse of Knowledge.

Use The Gift to Remove The Curse!!!