The Wild West is back


The wild west of old American History is virtually back!

The Open Door era of our borders is virtually here!

The fact is our virtual borders have never existed.  They have never been protected.  Our citizens who move on to the virtual sphere are possible victims for all kinds of crime!

Henry Repeating Arms,
Springfield Armory,
Sharps, Gatling

When Americans protected themselves the did not do it with vests and shields to stop the bullets and let the predators keep up the assault . The industry saw the market and supplied the weapons to fire back.

The WWW means the Wild Wild West is back. There are NO laws!?  There is only access. Do you really think that the predators of the WWW are Americans because you live in America?  Do you think they are English because you live in England?

Do you think the Police, who protect us, are doing ‘all we can do’ because they are doing ‘something’? They are doing nothing and that is all they can do and it is ‘nothing’!

The call to action: Create and supply the Weapon needed in the WWW to STOP the predator and protect ourselves!