On June 15, 2020 I inquired to AXIOS.COM about an article presented by APPLE.

In an article yesterday you warn me of fraud schemes. What is being done about this environment? What is being done about the perps? Is anything being done more than telling me it happens?
I feel this is THE area we need to change in this new normal. The laws has made this possible just as police abuse? replied with “Thanks for writing. There have been a number of prosecutions related to the latest fraud schemes. Law enforcement agencies and other interested parties are tracking things closely and tell me they are doing all they can to fight back — and also that it takes vigilance on the part of consumers to report what they see. I appreciate your concern for the issue and thank you for reading Axios!”

I replied for more information with “Hello Jennifer, The statement you made is just what I have been hearing.  “Law enforcement agencies and other interested parties are tracking things closely and tell me they are doing all they can to fight back“. I fear What that actually means is ’there is nothing they can do’ . This seems to be because they involve text messages and websites. I’m hearing it has to do with jurisdictions. Examples that I have reported: 1. text/email msg from Verizon and Wells Fargo that come from a Gmail account. 2. ATT suport email that says there is a problem with subscriber email account sent from Yahoo and Gmail addresses. 3. text msg about covid-19 that says to contact a website given in the text that is still operational until I lookup the website stats and report the abuse to the ISP and the website is taken down.  Instances like these indicate to me that “all they can do” is very far from enough. And it is ridiculous to see Police departments issue warning to be careful instead of Prosecuting. If it is the laws as written that form this barrier the laws need to be exposed and changed. Can you help verify these seemingly accurate conclusions? Thank you.” I received no response

so I concluded on Jun 17, 2020 “I assume, because I have not seen your reply to the contrary, that my fears about your statement being without material content is true! I have been hoping the ’New Normal’ could include a completion of the Freedom movement of the mid 20th century which deteriorated into an effective Rights movement. The concept that Freedoms, from the constitutions, is composed of Rights and Responsibilities, was too complex for the times and may still be. The idea that Rights can be violated without incurring the Responsibility for the action is too ingrained in our Judicial System and Way-of-Life to be questioned. I regret the first computer virus that was injected into PCs was tolerated instead of prosecuted. But it did start a whole new industry of antivirus programs. I will continue my efforts at Thank you for your attention but no thanks for the followup.”