Tell me If I’m Wrong

That won’t happen because you have to read this before you can do that. And I don’t think anyone is. This morning I woke up and realized an amazing thing, ‘I cannot just catch the Coronavirus, some one must give it to me!’ Unlike a cold or flu (I think) that I can catch, sneak up on and infect myself, I have to have someone give it to me.

Historically I have caught many diseases as we all have throughout our lives. Have I really caught any or were they given to me. I think many of these diseases are caught. But I remember as a child being exposed to one at least to have my system build a defense against it. This is of course the purpose of a vaccination. Our body can be triggered to work on a small scale to get ready for a larger attack. Again, Tell me if I’m wrong . So far we cannot find a treatment to kill the virus or a vaccine that won’t kill us before it ‘works’. In the course of the disease is the natural thing that I cannot repeat the disease? So far I haven’t heard, I’ll have to look.

Soooo If the world had done the best thing when this pandemic started and isolated the first victim before we knew he was a victim the pandemic that is would never be? I think I’m right. Why else would people point a finger to China saying you let this thing loose?

Thus the need for testing. The theory would be ‘if WE can find all people capable of passing on the virus before they actually pass it on and cure them, let them recover or let them die, the spread would stop.’ I think I have heard the testing is not that good that stopping the spread is possible.

The impossible then is the only recourse. If we cannot find who, chose ALL and we are done. Again, Tell me if I’m wrong. We are asking all peoples to choose this course of action. And again this is impossible. So it is done to slow the spread down. It was never said because no one wants to be called stupid but I will because it reveals the nature of the pandemic. If we could chose ALL, we are done with it. Again, Tell me if I’m wrong.

WE THE PEOPLE, chose to let the pandemic run because we are weak and human and cannot accept the cure. The world has grown into a global community and as such community spread takes in the entire world. We cannot be blamed for this and we should not blame others. It the nature of the world at this time in history. Earlier in history this THING, Coronavirus, would have and maybe did enter the world in a spot, say China, and wipe out a community, an entire community, and then die out in 14 days. We look back and cannot figure it out because it is not in our history as it is now. It could have entered many times in the past in various forms and left us clueless.

In the wake of this pandemic keep history in mind: the history that is not remembered but could have been; the idea of Rights and responsibility that keeps us from stopping it this time: the in-fighting that takes our focus off the problem and solution: and hope that this time we have the opportunity to remember. Again, Tell me if I’m wrong. Please?