I just knew it,

Covid-19 is intelligent! It plays on our weakness! I have been waiting for this. Unfortunately it is here. Surgeon General Jerome Adams says coronavirus is disproportionately impacting African American communities. Bad coronavirus, picking on African Americans. It probably is true but the implication that a community is impacted because it is African American is irresponsible. It is not stated but implied and this is worse. It is disproportionate. If it were proportionate there would be no comment. I am Fat , Old, and Fat and at risk more than normal. That isn’t anyone’s fault but mine! I accept that. I have COPD. Another tick in the bad column. West Memphis Medical Examiner Dr. Shakeb Hashmi told FOX13 he agrees. He said diabetes, hypertension and obesity are to blame. They are health problems that are prevalent in African American communities. Dr. Hashmi told FOX13 social economics, poor healthcare in black communities, and lack of access to doctors all play a factor. These seem more important factors than the black card. Place the responsibility. This is not MY fault! Don’t state it so I feel it is. This virus is here to divide us not to Unite Us in a Defense!!!!!!!
I am OLD and @risk. Soooo – It must be your fault! Don’t you feel it?
DAM neither do I. Unite…Don’t divide. TAKE responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!