Reopen – upset the cart

Society, Commerce, Government, Recreation, … Individual Plans

I was Upset; I see it now.
‘The campaign to “open” America flows from the superrich and their front groups’. What I thought was Grass-Roots is Astro-Turf. This is an Olde political operation.
“A protest against Michigan’s stay-at-home order outside the State Capitol last week” was REALLY a political Rally of a few people. Note the crowds. Me neither. When you something like this look for a picture from a greater perspective, Stand Back, to see the size of the crowds.
The protest might be real but this ain’t it!

Protest or Rally?

We do not need to open/reopen America… NO, America never closed!
ObviousMan points out the above. “Protesting is not listed as an essential activity!”
Unlike France, Italy no one is arrested for going outside but for endangering the public with large gathering ie. megaChurch worship vs the protest above.
We are ready for safe changes. That is the reason this all started in the first place. Each Area of our complex LIFE was changed all at once.
The Medical arena changed but did not close.  It became a center.
Politics did not close.  It became a center.
State Government held it place to what/where needed. Each location required a unique approach.  California actually found it was the starting point not Washington.  Does it matter?
Society took a hit and closed, Almost. Church RIGHTs got in the way for some. We never did find out if any bad affect happened. Does it matter?
Recreation seemed to close, at least was hard hit.  After Cruise Lines and Spring Breaks settled down recreation turned to walks in the park and runs on trails at a social distance.
Military realized it also had a responsibility for the health of the forces, the navy took the lead on; this. And SO Forth…My lawn care team never stopped cutting grass; Construction of new buildings continued.

Society and commerce have the greatest need to reopen but are not first… Recreation is first with certain areas which are easy to open, and sometimes never closed despite what was said. Stay-at-home never actually ordered any business to close just to follow the social-distancing guidelines.  Some of the non-essential businesses, manufacturing, stores, transportation, earning a wage to live, … need to reassign or be reassign as essential to make this easier. This needs to done not officially but personally because workers who personally do not feel safe at work need to stay home and receive compensation if required. I feel this will not be abused, ‘I just feel it’. Gradually households will emerge to shop, play, but not in large groups that may still not be safe with a second wave a probability. NOT at school. I feel that school and classroom should be revised to utilize technology better.  There is no need for students to congregate in a classroom to something that is individual in nature. assemble for a purpose as needed to present face-to-face what needs hands-on activity.  NOW is the time when we have already stopped the old norm. WE need an individual plan for each area and each individual, us, in the country. The time is YESTERDAY.

My soapbox for this entirety is responsibility. Other post will give details. The Rights movements of the last century were never completed with the other half of Freedom.  It is time for a country that was built on Freedom to demand the Rights and Responsibilities that make up that great concept.  Too any individuals Take Rights and Refuse any responsibility. (I won’t mention names here, There are so Many high and low)

This statement was lost in  the mass of words ‘We are engaged in a “natural experiment” of differing approaches to the epidemic on a massive scale, and we are likely to see over the coming weeks what the consequences of that will be.’
Florida –  With pressure mounting from public health officials and political leaders nationwide, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday reversed course and ordered residents across the state to stay at home to help reduce the toll of the coronavirus pandemic. The order takes effect at 12:01 a.m. Friday, April 3. DeSantis said what changed his mind was Trump’s call on Sunday for the national social-distancing guidelines to be extended through April because of mathematical models showing how death tolls would soar if the population did not observe the recommended public health guidelines for staying at home. Trump has not issued a national stay-at-home order. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Executive Order 20-91 on April 1 outlining a stay-at-home policy for Floridians.
all persons in Florida shall limit their movements and personal interactions outside of their home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities.

All businesses or organizations are encouraged to provide delivery, carry-out or curbside service outside of the business or organization, of orders placed online or via telephone, to the greatest extent practicable.  
Please make a note of this. It DOES imply that businesses or organizations are encouraged to Stay Open and Be Safe while doing so.

Reading On the federal side.