I missed it :

We must now have the RIGHT to have NO RESPONSIBILITIES?

Dr Trump on March 30,2020 demonstrates the importances of having a medical degree. and on Match 19,2020 Dr Trump gives advice on drugs and testing.  

In the first article, the reporter writes It’s a classic case of the blind leading the blind, with potentially dire consequences should the drugs prove to be hazardous when used in this unintended way. and quotes Trump as saying “I feel good about it,” Trump said of the unproven drugs, which his own medical experts have said may not be suitable for coronavirus patients. “That’s all it is, just a feeling, you know, smart guy. I feel good about it.”  
In the second article it is reported that Trump grew defensive when asked about his decision Wednesday to activate the Defense Authorization Act, which gives him expanded authority for wartime emergencies, but not to use it to improve ventilator capacity at hospitals, shifting the burden of responsibility to the states.. I missed that activation thing too.  
We have lost the Responsibility for what we say. I am sorry that the examples given here are all from President Trump. Other posts point out BAD or MISS LEADING statements from many people trying to promote their cause or standing at the expense of truth and accuracy. We as a people have grown to expect this type of lie from everyone.  If we believe what is said it seems to be because  it promotes our view or cause or standing. Otherwise we just don’t believe it and leave it at that.
We hear or say: He didn’t know. He misunderstood.  He should have check. It’s not his fault.  So Sad!