It started with
Thomaston Police Department   
and then with

SCAM ALERT: Carr Warns Georgians of Fake COVID-19 Websites, Texts and Emails

from my Facebook post. It was there! and and know WHO and WHERE.

With Thomaston P.D. and the Georgia Attorney General both warning the people instead of arresting anyone it is OUR turn.  You know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can find this person. Will you join a campaign to make virtual attacks like illegal? I don’t know how.

Why are we Victims? Because WE allow it? We have laws to protect us from everything. We need to Make creating/distributing a computer virus and creating/hosting website for scams both crimes THEN put the criminals down. It is a crime to attack someone! These are senior citizens who have faith in what they are told and see.  If a person is holding a smoking gun(the source of one of these) they are presumed guilty and could try to prove innocence.  

I have too much time. BUT The only laws/rules that I can find is ‘Know Your Rights!’ I Cannot find responsibilities anywhere. We need to define responsibility. Lets take all the Rights and just Amend the Responsibility Clause !?>- Comment if you agree that rights bring responsibilities. I just cannot believe that non-criminals believe in Rights without any Responsibility ! Maybe WE deserve what we get?

Why do we always need to be victims?
Will you join a campaign to make virtual attacks like illegal? I don’t know how. is real with a person behind it.

I found another thought. “If there can be laws that could govern the Internet, then. . .” This is why everything before got stuck. Rights and Responsibilities are for people not things. People use things; they are responsible for what they do. If a person hits another with a hammer you don’t say the hammer broke a law. There are no laws for the internet as there are no laws for hammers. ALSO the internet has no RIGHTS. Could it be this simple. FBI, Congresspeople, Donald T, Anyone out there. Protect us from People not things. Scams will go away? Target the People that do wrong! Your turn. >>>>>

Is this anon referring to QAnon? Related to 2017 – #WWG1WGA? The tweet included a video of a woman praising Trump’s approach to urban poverty and included the hashtag #WWG1WGA, which stands for the QAnon slogan “Where we go one, we go all.”? Is this scam somehow related to politics and President Trump? December 27 reporter says “President Donald Trump retweeted a video message on Friday morning with a hashtag referencing a fringe pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as QAnon.” Earlier this year, the FBI designated QAnon a possible domestic terrorism threat.