Americanism Responsibility

Like people — and most anything in life — there are brands that are responsible and ethical, and there are others that are not. Yes, without a doubt, Americanism is a force for good.  Its intentions have been perverted, and the protection it offers has disappeared.  We have got to do better and find a way to a responsible free market. Taken from this article. And part 2 of the article

Simply by staying in our homes, we have collectively lowered the death rate from a projected 2.2 million American deaths to 63,538 confirmed deaths as of this post. This lower death number is not evidence that this was “no big deal.” Quite the opposite. You and I made that lower number happen. It is confirmation of the power of scale and our own personal power to change the world. Plainly put, we can either honor those 63,538 people by getting our collective shit together and forging ahead anew, or we can go back to clearing the shelves of Walmart, drinking every sugary Coke, and “liking” every duck-lipped Insta post of our favorite Armenian makeup moguls. The choice is ours.